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Ancient Recording?

“Belgian researchers have been able to use computer scans of the grooves in 6,500-year-old pottery to extract sounds made by the vibrations of the tools used to make the pottery.”


Maybe… This is about the time of year for another French prank. My French is really rusty, and I would have had a little difficulty following well even when I was relatively fresh in the language (reading other languages has always been a bit easier for me), but I have read an English translation of the interview here. As followed up at that link… Maybe not…

The video comes from the web site of Zalea TV (“Le Vase” http://www.zalea.org/article.php3?id_article=496). This is a TV dediated to humor and spoofing, and it has been around since at leat December 2005.

Oh. Well. It would have been nice. Maybe is is real. But it’s not looking espeically promising.

h.t. The English Guy, where I first saw this.

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