Just for fun

[edit: Light day today. Grateful for the guest authors keeping my average posts-per-day up around normal… and raising the level of discourse here at twc at the same time. Thanks, y’all! Wanna game some brains? Try the lil psy-op below… ]

Here in America’s Third World Countyâ„¢, ther’es one thing that travels faster than light: gossip. And sooner or later—think of the “tellephone game”—any gossip about oneself comes around in greatly exaggerated forms.

Soooo, I have recently begun planting juicy tidbits about myself in the ears of some of the most egregious gossips with the injunction “Now, don’t let this get out!” included to assure it gets amplified and passed on.

Try it! It’s fun to hear jiucy bits repeated and then be able to say, “Oh, yeh, that came from XXXxxxx, cos I planted it with him/her to see how fast he/she would spread it.”

Bumfuzzled looks, laughs and more than a few “I’ve gotta try that!”s.


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