Is it still Christmas in Cambodia?/OP

I figure I’d better hold this post open for trackbacks in case anyone knows when Jean Fraud sKerry’s gonna get back from his Christmas in Cambodia… Maybe that’ll be around the time he finally keeps his word on such matters as, gosh, I dunno, releasing his records?

(BTW, I’ve actually got that release date. Inside information. 12th of Never.)

Meanwhile, If you don’t understand what a trackback is go here for a good explanation. If your blog software doesn’t generate trackbacks use this form or this one.

Short shrift again today. A few links up later. DO hit the “Treatment Time Open Trackbacks” over at The Uncooperative Blogger. Note other linkfests in my left sidebar, too, ‘K?

Cya at Choose Life! (Just wanted to link to a blog! with! an! exclamation! point! 🙂

UPDATE: The MaryHunter noted in comments that DL’s trackback from Teddy Lied, Mary Jo Died failed. A shame, really. Otherwise, how are y’all ever going to find the piece? Oh. OK. And TMH’s trackback of Realizing UN/NGO Tsunami Aid… Someday disappeared into the aether as well, apparently. And do note his commentary on the hubris of modern genetic tinkerers.

Still short shrift. Will update later… possibly.

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