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  1. Checking out your new site due to comment’s Diane made. It’s looking real nice. You two did a great job. And it’s loading quicker than your old one did. The only complaint I have is that your new site hasn’t made me any bright, and I still don’t feel smart enough to comment on most of your posts. Guess I can’t expect miracles, huh?…lol.

    Don’t know if it’s a good read or not, but I’m starting a dialogue on euthansia. Notice I did not say DEBATE. I know it’s an area, like abortion, where there will never be a concensus. Feel free to add your 2 cents, just be nice about it πŸ™‚

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  3. Actually, Beth, you can get an idea of the process by trying out a free account at http://www.wordpress.com

    Some of the features (like installing plugins and customizing templates) aren’t available?now?for the freebie WordPress.com accounts, but you can test importing your Blogspot posts and see how the blogging interface works for you.

    One thing I have yet to get working right here is importing my Haloscan comments, but that isn’t available at all on the WordPress.com freebie.

    Lady Diane knew I’d been looking at hosting packages and kinda testing the water and just decided to push me into the deep end of the WordPress blogpool.

    I’m grateful to her for the push.

    Oh, I haven’t worked out the kinks on forwarding folks who wander onto my old blog to here, and I wonder just how well my stats/links will carry over w/Technoratti (need to check on that Real Soon Now), but since I’m not in this for page ranking but to “silence the voices in my head” as it were, this seems to be ideal for me.

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  5. Hmmmmmmmmmmm Maybe have to claim this blog? Because of the new domain. I’m not sure if they have a forwarding deal like TTLB or not. They haven’t updated my blog in almost 2 months though so who knows. LOL

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