Me$$y$oft’s Windows Update Process Sucks Sewage

So, since I was closing in on 10,000 wins and no losses in what I call “Zen Freecell” (the “classic” Windows 7 version), Me$$y$oft decided to kill it on my Win10 box. Naturally. That’s not so bad, since I only played it while doing other things (watching a movie, listening to music, whatever) for relaxation. It’s not as though it were any kind of challenge. But it’s just a symptom of the kinds of things Me$$y$oft has taken to doing to users of Windows, such as the REALLY irritating things like resetting all the associations with non-Me$$y$oft software to only Me$$y$oft versions, if included with any sort of Me$$y$oft OS build. No thank you. Re-associating programs each time I open something Me$$y$oft wants me to use one of its crappy programs/apps to open is only likely to encourage me to move this box off their OS, too, no matter how much I need Windows to use ONE particular piece of software.

And all of that is after clearly and specifically designating a day and time for updates to be installed and having Me$$y$oft just effectively say, Screw you. I’m gonna wait until you are doing something productive and kill what you’re doing by rebooting to install “updates” no matter what I agreed to in the scheduling process.”

Me$$y$oft is trying to make me hate it and its products. And, you know, it’s working.

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  1. And yeh, although it took an hour or so, I put almost everything back the way it belonged, including backup config files for Freecell and other “mindless meditation games.” Lost a very few “wins,” but backups are rarely up-to-the-second. *heh*

    So, mindless deNiro movie and mindless Freecell: fair combo.

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