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Interesting lil tidbit that comes up every “supermoon” (a term I had never read until 2017, strangely enough) is “perigee-syzygy” (a particular alignment of three celestial bodies–a term I had read/heard long ago). It refers to the particular Earth-Moon system condition that results in what is apparently called a “supermoon.” *shrugs* I find “perigee-syzygy” more congenial and felicitous as a term.

BTW, you can try again on the 31st, if that’s a thing for you.

(Sidebar: I used the word–misspelled as “zyzygy”–for perhaps a decade before I recall actually reading the word. But that’s just a minor example of a phenomenon I’ve experienced for decades: strange words, often in foreign languages, that I “invent” and later learn meant what I thought I had created them to mean. *shrugs*)

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