“Net Neutrality” Advocates Are Either Morons or Liars

Is it wrong to experience a sort of “zloradstvo”1 when evil experiences a setback, no matter how small? Let me introduce the “poster children” for so-called “Net Neutrality.”

Top 10 Internet-censored countries

And if you think that’s an extreme argument, then let me remind you of Lord Acton’s pithy adage, Parkinson’s Law, Pournelle’s Iron Law of Bureaucracy, and the Eight Most Dreaded Words in the English Language:

“I’m from the government. I’m here to help.”

I don’t really want to crack a smile at the puling whines of “net neutrality” advocates, but I just can’t help myself. . . (OK, I could suppress it, but I don’t. 😉 )

[“Net Neutrality” is nothing more than a “bureaucrappic” scheme to place a 5,000-pound government thumb on the scale to determine market winners/losers, thus improving the market for. . . graft, and worse. h.t. to Perri Nelson for the clarification that genuine net neutrality is different to the bureaucrappic scheme Title II enabled.]

1Russian. An order of magnitude beyond the German “schadenfreude,” as only Russians can do. . .

4 Replies to ““Net Neutrality” Advocates Are Either Morons or Liars”

  1. “net neutrality?? Whadda loada crap ; laddie –
    When you feel free to delete any opinion – even if if comes from a REAL hemisphere on this planet …
    Sheesh …..

  2. I for one am glad to see it go. Like so many government regulatory schemes, its name is simply Orwellian. I’m all for net neutrality, but totally against Net Neutrality.

  3. Oh, and Davoh, freedom of speech and compelling others to promote your speech whether they agree with it or not are not the same thing. Just because you have a right to express an opinion does not compel anyone to provide you with a platform to do it. If you need one, build one.

    1. Perri,

      Davoh is an occasional drop-in who makes his mess on the carpet and then leaves. I’d almost (almost) miss it and wonder if his mouth had finally written a check he couldn’t cash if his oral effluvia didn’t appear from time to time.


      Oh, and thanks for reminding me to note the difference between “Net Neutrality” (the propagandist term of art) and “net neutrality.” Edited to reflect the difference.

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