The Joys of Low-Carb Eating

Peanut butter. Love the stuff, but so many “store-bought” peanut butters are unreasonably high in carbs. . . because of added sweeteners. Sure I can buy a peanut-only, no additives, peanut butter, but NOT adding anything to peanuts is more expensive than adding crap to peanuts. Oh, and I have made my own in the past using a food processor, but I’m too lazy for that now, so. . .

Cashew butter. ~1/3 the carbs, and tastes just as good as peanut butter to me. Yep. Tried that and like it. Or, freeze-dried peanut butter powder. Just add a lil water and stir. Also 1/3 the carbs, and tastes really good. Like it. No more expensive than ordinary peanut butter, either, so winner? Yeh, but not available in crunchy. *sigh* Oh, well.

(Still, over six inches in waistline reduction with no significant weight loss. Means losing fat and retaining muscle. A good thing.)

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  1. Can add some crushed peanuts to the powder, instant crunchy peanut butter.

    Low carb is good for me as well. Sadly lately I’ve had to let it slip a bit, but going to return to it full tilt hopefully very soon.

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