The Orville

The Orville is the “Sad Puppies” TV show: character and story, fuggetabout SJW issues and just focus on telling a story folks want to read/see/hear. It’s also as though Seth McFarlane has, as PART of show prep, read Holly Lisles’ “How to Write Suckitudinous Fiction” and taken it as a cautionary, not a prescriptive, as do so many books/movies/TV shows nowadays.

The Orville is all about, “We work in space! Cool!” and that lets the writers/producer/actors tell an engaging story without cramming a SJW POV down watchers’ throats.

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  1. That’s the first review of the program I’ve seen yet that makes me even remotely interested. Having seen the previews I had concluded that it would be a poorly done remake of Star Trek with the offensive “humor” of Seth McFarlane. So if they were trying to get me to watch it, they failed miserably.

    I might just watch an episode or two after having read this.

    1. Do keep in mind, Perri, that due to DRM/Internet wobblies, I have only been able to view all of the first episode and parts of the second. Still, what I’ve seen is mostly “We work in space! Cool!”-themed (or “subtexted” 😉 ).

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