We Are Doomed

Seen elsewhere (and very slightly redacted to obscure the source):

“If I would have [sic] known I would have went [sic] there. . . “1

*head-desk* This is what passes for literacy in our society today. When such garbled gibberish can actually pass an editor and be published, it’s no wonder folks are so badly under-mis-disinformed: they are unable, based on the evidence of speech and writing, to even think straight.

1While I cannot imagine either of my readers *heh* scratching their heads over my comments on this sentence, here:

“If I had known, I would have gone there.”

2 Replies to “We Are Doomed”

    1. Let’s both take a ride on “Mountain Railroad” instead, Perri, mmmK? 😉

      (OK, the example below doesn’t include all the lyrics, which are nonetheless, urm, “uneven” theologically, but there’s a useful piece of imagery in the old tune. Not even quite “Crossing the Bar” quality–by a long shot–but the same basic idea)


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