Subliteracy Abounds

I have seen this several times, including in Mass MEdia Podpeople Hivemind “reports,” and while I celebrate what folks are trying to say, I find it distressing to see such widespread evidence of subliteracy that apostrophe abuse like this demonstrates. Think it through. “Apostrophe + s” indicates either possession or a contraction of the noun with a verb e.g. is, has, was). The former is nonsense here. If this were to indicate the latter, then it would still be nonsense, because not only would it be nonsense, but IF the possessive form of the plural of “Bundy” were used, it would be be the proper plural form (Bundys) followed by an apostrophe: Bundys’.

This is just basic literacy. Writing nonsense English indicates a stunted ability to understand written English. But, of course. . .

2 Replies to “Subliteracy Abounds”

  1. “It’s a different kind of literacy.” – Mark S. Schneider, commissioner of education statistics.

    No. It’s a failure of edu-macators to teach students and of students to learn. They’re too busy waving their hands in the air.

    1. “They’re too busy waving their hands in the air” and yapping about their “feewings.”


      (BTW, the hand-waving as easily applies to the “edumacationists” as to the pseudo-students. Just sayin’. Real teachers know the differences between “educators” and “teachers”–and that administrators are rarely either.)

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