I Am Sooo Tired of Pretentious, Subliterate Boobs Who Think They Can Write

. . . in English, at least. One stand-out giveaway that some wannabe writer is both pretentious and a lazy subliterate: using subjective case pronouns as objects, rather than using the proper objective case.

Typically, these sorts of poorly-read, poorly-educated boobs use I, she, and he in place of the correct me, her, and him as objects of verbs or prepositions, apparently thinking it sounds “classy” or at least that it is correct. Some even rationalize it, when confronted, with an argument of an assumed subsequent verb that would convert the object into a subject, but that’s just a back-formed excuse.

There are many such examples of simply execrable grammar, syntax, and word misusage that are hallmarks of subliterate pretensions to literacy, but this one is a dead giveaway. Such wannabe writers should–and would, if they had any worthwhile ethics whatsoever–enroll in remedial English classes, and keep taking the classes until they are able to at least pass the course.

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