One Doesn’t Need Any Time to Master “Anytime”

A simple explanation of “Anytime” vs “Any Time” that is unnecessary for any well-read or even semi-well-read) person, here.

2 Replies to “One Doesn’t Need Any Time to Master “Anytime””

  1. Why even worry about the distinction? When in doubt, “any time” is always correct. “Anytime” is almost always incorrect and saves at most sixteen bits of storage. That is unless you’re the apocryphal Bill “640k ought to be enough for any one” Gates.

    Isn’t anytime a neologism anyway? Or is saying anyway somehow inconsistent with not saying anytime?

    1. Why indeed, Perri? Oh, because so very many people aren’t “worried” about their misuse of “anytime,” but that’s about the extent of it. I’d say the really easy way to know when “anytime” is permissible would be to say that it is when one is using it as an adverb, but most people who misuse it have no clue what an adverb is. *sigh*

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