Tell Me About It. . .

. . . No, don’t. Really.

In another forum, after I had used “sic” correctly in quoting a text with an error, some lame brain just HAD to chime and tell me what it meant. . . while demonstrating they had not read the linked article from which the text was quoted AND saying incorrectly that the error I noted was a misspelling, when it was a correctly spelled word that was misused.

Well, the commenter learned a lesson, yeah, and hopefully two.


1. Never try to instruct someone on words when you don’t know what you are talking about. Instead, ask and learn. Or at least get a dictionary and learn how to use it. *duh*
2. If the quoted material that is from a larger text that’s available to you, READ THE LARGER TEXT before making a fool of yourself. If you then want to go ahead and make a fool of yourself anyway, be prepared to be “schooled.”

2 Replies to “Tell Me About It. . .”

    1. If you are referring to the illiterate, nearly incoherent commenter on my June 23 post, urm, no. Gladly, he gave me permission (that I did not require *heh*) to delete any or all of his posts. I selected the ones that were not ALL gibberish and let them stay, so you were spared the worst of his asininities.

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