Something Different

I own a little revolver that is. . . different in several ways from the norm.

It’s a lil .32 ACP revolver that uses a round designed for .32 semi-automatics.

It is from a defunct maker of second-tier-quality knock-offs of other maker’s guns.

It’s a top-break revolver (semi-unusual nowadays).

It is one of very few the manufacturer made in this caliber with a six-round cylinder. By far, most of the .32 caliber revolvers made by this maker were 5-round.

Before it came to be in my possession, it had been fired only once, in 1929, by a man who committed suicide after the stock market crash. In the 84 years that intervened between that event and me coming into possession of the gun, no one else put a single round through it, and aside from two small spots of surface corrosion, the gun was in pristine condition, the bluing–apart from those two small spots–still perfect.

It’s a pretty good lil plinker, and ammo for the thing abounds, but I mostly just leave it cleaned, oiled, and in its case. I don’t really have a use for it aside from plinking, though I also have a nice lil IWB holster (that I picked up for ~$29 less than retail–$1–at my local “fell off the back of a truck” store) so I could, if I wanted, carry it concealed. . . if I wanted to, which–.32 ACP?–I do not.

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  1. Nice.

    When my wife and I visited my dad in Florida last year, he warned us that if we found a gun in any room of the house that it was likely loaded. Later that week he took us to a local shooting range and we had a lot of fun aggressively punching holes in small paper targets.

    1. It is ALWAYS a good practice to view EVERY firearm as a loaded firearm. . . well, unless one can see ALL the parts, disassembled for cleaning or service.

      Punching holes in targets is fun. I pray I never need to punch a hole in a human “target,” but that if I do, I find the “target’s” off switch quickly.

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