Terry McAuliffe is an Idiot. But I Repeat Myself.

The “but I repeat myself” is because “Terry McAuliffe” is a synonym for “idiot.”

[Apologies for the watermark. I cut this lil snippet using a device I don’t usually use for video editing and used a freebie app to do it.]

McAuliffe demonstrates better than usual grasp of (alternative) facts (from the Bizarro Univese), for a Dhimmicrap pol.

Terry McAuliffe_ ‘We Lose 93 Million Americans A Day to Gun Violence’_cut

4 Replies to “Terry McAuliffe is an Idiot. But I Repeat Myself.”

  1. No fan of his, but a little grace, please. He was pretty rattled. He did correct the number. I made the mental edit. We do not need to jump on every misspeak out there. I “edit” for my pastor all the time 🙂

    1. Sorry, Catherine, but no. I watched him say “93 million” three times, even after a reporter present questioned the number. His entire bit was all about limiting citizens’ access to firearms. And all of it was either disingenuous or complete BS. That’s all the grace I have to offer a son of Satan (the father of lies). He was and is just another Dhimmicrap avoiding the fact that 90% of firearms violence in this country is initiated by his fellow leftists which sometimes results in Good Citizens stopping Dhimmicrap firearms violence. . . with legally carried firearms.

      The Dhimmicraps OWN firearms violence in this country, either because of direct action by their fellow travelers or by means of/incited by and encouraged by Dhimmicrap policies (the so-called “War on Drugs,” importation of mexican gangs, and on and on).

      Terry McAuliffe and his ilk get no slack cut from me for their continuing promotion of evil.

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