I Like Speedify for Other Reasons, Too

This may either be a side effect of using Speedify VPN or it could be for other, unknown reasons, but as soon as we started using Speedify VPN, FINALLY my ISP has stopped reporting fake usage and threatening to bill us for overages on our “data allowances.” In fact, since we began using Speedify, we’ve yet to approach 30% usage of our ridiculously low data allowance.

Co-inky-dink? Maybe. I seriously doubt the data compression Speeify does is enough to account for the HUGE drop in reported usage, but it could be. . .

2 Replies to “I Like Speedify for Other Reasons, Too”

    1. Rosemary, Speedify is available for Android, but the full benefits are only on subscription. Free use is limited to just 1GB/month, I believe.

      There are other VPN services available. I had to download and use OperaVPN on my Android phone when Speedify reported that it had finished installing. . . but it wasn’t installed (a real pain, since I have a subscription for five devices).

      Most VPN services at least encrypt and compress data between one’s device and the end point (as well as preventing one’s ISP from having useful data to sell about one’s usage *heh*).

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