More on Safe Internet Use

VPNs can be handy things. The better ones offer much safer (note: safER) Internet use, and even less good ones have some value. I’ve been appreciating the switch to Speedify on Windows computers here on our home network. Fairly decent security boost, and I very much appreciate the side benefit of compressed data use.

Unfortunately, every time I have attempted to install Speedify on my Android phone, it reports having been installed but shows up nowhere. Even browsing the files on the device turns up no evidence of its presence. So, I’ve resorted to using “Opera VPN” (SurfEasy–acquired by Opera recently) on that phone. It is at least a wee tad better than using the (SurfEasy) VPN built into the Opera Browser, since it appears to simply remain active on the device whether I am using Opera or not, but it’s still SurfEasy, an MOR VPN, IMO.

If one doesn’t have a VPN subscription anywhere else, defaulting to Opera and enabling the built-in VPN would certainly improve one’s security over no VPN.

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