Just re-read our town ordinances on one short topic (long story; just suffice it to say I was right, and citing the ordinance did the trick 😉 ). In the very short topic covered by the ordinance, I noted six grammar/usage errors that might affect some other folks and invalidate those portions as the subsection applies to them.

Will I tell the town council what those errors are and what the implications might well be? Heck no! The section involved is stupid and invasive and needs to be challenged by someone who’s being oppressed by “The Man.” *heh* If I hear of someone who’s been cited under that subsection, I will point out to them the errors that make the language nonsensical.

3 Replies to “Over-Regulated?”

  1. Never help a politician to oppress the people, especially by fixing their illiteracy. But with the way so many “judges” twist the plain meaning of the written word these days nonsense means whatever they want it to.

    It reminds me of the Cheshire Cat.

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