Danger! Danger!

Back when I was a lad, I used to have some seriously dangerous thoughts. For example, driving “into town,” as I thought of it, in my ’53 Chevy, there was a place in the road where the road curved to the left and ascended a wee bit. To the right, just over the curb and a wee bit of verge was an arroyo. Every now and then I wondered what it would be like to just keep going straight and launch myself off the roadway. Oh, these weren’t serious thoughts, and I was in no way (consciously) suicidal, but every now and then. . .

This morning, I had another such “dangerous thought” as I reached into the fridge to get the cream for our coffees. I almost picked up the buttermilk thinking, “I wonder what buttermilk in coffee would taste like?”



4 Replies to “Danger! Danger!”

  1. I laughed out loud at this. I have experienced similarly dangerous thoughts from time to time. Thank the Lord for restraint.

    1. Back in long ago days of yore, when I actually enjoyed traveling, I did manage to visit 47 of the lower 48. Once had a yen to see Alaska, but it passed, as do all things, it seems. . . Never had a desire to visit Hawaii, for some reason. Canada, Mexico and the Bahamas are as far as my legs have stretched, and of the three, the only one I’d be tempted to revisit would be Norway. Oh, wait. That wasn’t one of the three, was it? *heh*

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