Happy Day to My Wonder Woman

Actually, maybe even happier day to me.

38 years ago today was the day after Thanksgiving, and also the day after our rehearsal dinner (hosted by my Aunt Bettie and Uncle Milton at their home). I can’t claim to have a coherent memory of the day, because, well, it was my wedding day, I was sick, and I was on whatever it was my mom had given me to help me deal with a (typical for me any time something significant was going on in my life) monster cold. *heh*

My lil house was jammed full of siblings and parents, and I’m not too sure it was built for the six extra people it held. . . but, eh, I was only semi-conscious of the crowd.

And then, there she was.


And now, here she is.

She tells me she loves me still.

I tell her it’s not my fault. *heh*

Happy anniversary, sweetheart.

Well, today, in honor of her 38-year gift of marriage to me, I finally asked her, “Will you marry me?”

And she said yes.



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