Redux: About Those So-called “Peaceful” Muslims

See ’round and about:

“Muslim immigrants should not be judged based on the actions of others who say they share their faith.”

Sure, I can buy that. They should only be held accountable for what they say and do. but since they SAY they adhere to the hate cult founded by The Butcher of Medina whom they SAY was perfect in every way (basic, universal assertion of Islam) and whose proclamations they SAY must be adhered to, then they support, either overtly or covertly, the directives from Mohamed to subjugate, enslave, or slay the “unbelievers.”

Either they adhere to that, or they are fundamentally dishonest at their core when they say they are Muslim, which means, since they lie about that they are not to be trusted in any way about anything else they say.

“Moderate” or “peaceful” Muslims are either practicing taqiyyah (“holy deception” of unbelievers) or are apostates from the religion they profess. Irrefutable fact, based entirely on the founding teachings/documents of Islam, which ALL Muslims claim are to be followed as the perfect revelation of their “god”.

Open, forthright disciples of Mohamed are at least more honest about the lies they follow. The open, faithful followers who actually do what Mohamed says Muslims MUST do to BE Muslim (that is, submitted to the commands issued by Mohamed in the name of his “god”) are acting out Mohamed’s lies. The rest are just liars, whether practicing taqiyyah or lying about being Muslim.

So, whether overtly “peaceful” or not, I refuse to trust anyone who says they are Muslim. Ever.

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