Trumpery: Flashy but Worthless Trash

The Trumpery has a strong appeal to weak people. Their weaknesses can be various, ranging from genetic cretinism, self-induced (either via repetitive cranial injuries or psychological “autolobotomies”), a need for “daddy,” et al. As a result, they have become cultists who read what they feel they need into whatever he says or does, no matter how much it might contradict the needs they feel he fulfills for them. It’s all delusions and fantasies projected on a con man who encourages weak, easily-manipulated people to adore and worship him. Yes: Trumpery Cultists have irrationally promoted The Trumpery to godhood in their own weak, sick minds, just like King Putz’s cultists have done, and just like cultists in any personality cult have done for millennia. Facts cannot persuade them, because they have their fantasies, delusions, and–now–their cultic dogma.

Those who are not deceived by him and do not worship him support him for strictly corrupt, venal reasons. The Trumpery has exactly ZERO support from anyone with a strong connection to reality and halfway decent character. And, no, failing to support The Trumpery is NOT working to enable The Queenie Cacklepants Cylon’s run for the WH. There is no “lesser evil” when choosing between the “presumptive” nominees of the two separate wings of the Uniparty.

Think outside the Manichean duality that supposes that simply because The Queenie Cacklepants Cylon is evil incarnate that The Trumpery is not.

2 Replies to “Trumpery: Flashy but Worthless Trash”

    1. Nah, but if The Trumpery and The Queenie Cacklepants Cylon are the offerings from The Uniparty, I’ll likely cast my vote for Johnson on the presidential ticket. Down-ticket races seem to carry much more import this election cycle.

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