Ottawa Women are Pussies?

[OK, something of a provocative title. I put it out there hoping it would offend some other pussies. And, of course, given the pussies I hoped to offend, I chose to use the title in what may seem to be an idiosyncratic definition drawn from a possible etymology that proposes that “pussy,” when used in a pejorative manner, is derived from “pusilanimous”–craven coward.]

The Women of Ottawa are apparently ashamed of their own bodies and fear looking in mirrors. They also seem to be afraid of owning their own shame and fear and project anger toward other women whose bodies threaten their own self-images. Not only that, but they are too cowardly to face women whose bodies move them to anger and seek some authority figure to intervene in their stead, allowing them to remain anonymous cowards.

Gym tells Ottawa woman breasts ‘too large’ for tank top

“She was told other clients at the gym had complained her top made them feel uncomfortable.”

“[O]ther clients.” So, maybe not just the Ottawa women are pussies, eh? Po’ babies.

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