Zoning Out


I use Freecell for a bit of nearly mindless relaxation/”zen-ish” non-exercise of my “little grey cells” (which, of course, aren’t grey at all). *heh* Of course, I cheat. How? Oh, I long ago observed patterns and combinations, and, more importantly (for values of “importance” that include playing a mindless lil computer card game), I simply learned to take advantage of patterns and combinations of moves in such a way that doing so is almost unconsciously “automagic”. Since Freecell is apparently supposed to be played by people who just semi-randomly move cards around until they “lose,” what I do is cheating. *heh*

Of course, I really “cheat” at computer solitaire by setting the games to one-card play. Solitaire at 3-card is seriously stacked in the house’s favor. But at one-card play, it’s strongly biased in my favor. There should be a middle ground there, somewhere, but I’ve not found a balanced-odds straight solitaire game for computer play yet.


What I really wish I could erase from the end of these games’ score displays are the lil congratulatory attaboys. It’s really insulting to be congratulated for beating a “(nearly) mindless relaxation” computer card game.

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  1. I watch Dr. Who for much the same reason you play FreeCell. Nearly mindless realaxation. I’ve started wondering about whether that’s even worth doing anymore. It’s gotten to be too much work filtering out the hubris.

    1. Yeh, recent Doctor Who iterations just kinda bored me. *shrugs* I do still watch the “classic” Doctor Who now and again, if I notice it’s on.

      Freecell is just like sitting and sorting beads or something for relaxation. But it is relaxing. For me. We (people) each have our own way, or at least I suppose most do. I meet/see some folks who are wound so tightly that I’m not sure they have any way to relax a bit, and others who are like loose skeins of yarn, too relaxed. I try to hit a happy medium now and then, but she keeps dodging as well as she can. *pa-dump-bump*

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