Short Take on “Higher Ed”

Most colleges and universities seem to be mainly just cash cows for a greedy administrative class, nowadays. Some good schools (or sometimes just departments within otherwise useless schools) remain, and there are enough potential students to fill those. The rest? Wastes of time and money. Both the schools and the remaining “students”.

Yeh, I’m quite willing to say that most college kids nowadays don’t belong in real institutions of higher ed. Witness the plethora of dummies classes (ok, colleges call them “remedial,” but that means “dummies”–students who are not mentally-emotionally-academically prepared or suited for higher ed but who are just there to waste their money supporting parasitic administrative and faux academic classes) for entering freshmen. . . and beyond. And witness also the simple fact that most recent college graduates are unable to comprehend “complex text” (like a want ad or newspaper editorial).

And most of the administrative class is comprised of arguably stupid people. Crafty, venal, and unethical, and willing to commit grand theft daily (by accepting their salaries, if nothing else), but stupid nonetheless.

A pox on them all: stupid kids wasting time and money getting what, for most, is a certificate saying little more than that they showed up and paid their mordidas, and administrators and faux academics who unethically accept those bribes to hand out attendance certificates.

May they all have the lives they deserve: nasty, brutish and hopefully short (preferably short enough to prevent reproduction).


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