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My “comfy chair” is gone (may it bless someone else, but hopefully not the Spanish Inquisition 😉 ), as is my Wonder Woman’s, and now we share two matching love seats–sometimes together, often one each, spreading out our various paraphernalia or, in my case, often simply sprawling in a semi-reclined position across the length of “my” love seat. Older cat has decided this is a Good Thing. When he wants, the backs of these love seats provide comfy cat beds, open areas provide good sprawling room and at other times–quite often, in fact–when my lap’s otherwise occupied (by Zarkon-II, a lappy that’s set up to be similar to my “desktop”), he’s still able to get in as tightly as he can be without being grafted onto my leg, tucked under lappy hangover from a lapdesk. (Sometimes it does seem as if he were testing me out for a “leg graft”.) Young Dog of the House (it would seem strange to type, “Old Puppy”. . . wouldn’t it?) doesn’t even stir him when he’s like that, even with copious licking around the face and neck. *heh*

BTW, Having a laptop and a desktop set up with very nearly the same apps, desktop(s)–I use multiple desktops on both of them, but only the main desktop on each is set up exactly the same on both–etc., works well mainly because I mirror/sync all the data generated by apps or saved from the web (videos, music, graphics, offline web pages/sites) in two other locations so that when I need the material, it’s readily available on either computer, whether both are booted or not (saving me the negligible–really trivial–step of remotely booting one or the other; saves time, more than anything else, while providing redundant backups of data).

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