I have, for about as long as I’ve been blogging and, even before in other contexts, written Thanksgiving posts/articles/letters about the many reasons most folks in our society have for being thankful and more than a few specific reasons I have for being thankful. . . and to Whom.

This year? Notsomuch. I’ll limit myself to two comments about gratitude/thankfulness: with very few exceptions, folks in our society who cannot find many reasons to be grateful [to others, to society in general, and, more importantly, to God] for their blessings are just itchin’ for a fight. Ingrates.

The next: anyone who wakes up in the morning and is NOT in Hell (the actual afterlife place of eternal torture) should be grateful for God’s grace, because, on our own merit, we all deserve that. Period. If one is not headed to Hell as one’s ultimate destination, it is only because one has elected to accept God’s gracious gift of salvation. If one has NOT elected to accept God’s grace and is not yet in Hell, again, it is by His grace they are not.

Be thankful for that.

Thanksgiving [email protected] central: This year, the cook (moi) has decided to make Thanksgiving dinner an experimental feast for three: small bird in large crockpot (with potatoes, dressing, etc.–can mash potatoes shortly before serving), two casseroles (separated by “dishes” made of foil) in a smaller crockpot, corn casserole baked ahead and chilled, gravy in teensy crockpot, biscuits instead of rolls, etc. I plan to bake an apple pie and pumpkin bread tomorrow. Unfortunately, I forgot to start a hard apple cider back in September, so there’s no new sparkling hard cider ready for this week. Ah, well. . . Martinelli’s will do, I suppose.

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