Those lil netbooks I fell “heir” to about a week ago? 1/2 of stage 1 parts (new keyboards) in and one as fully repaired as can be, absent the new memory module (coming). Ubuntu Remix (fresh install after wiping the drive) works pretty well. Puppy Linux Lucid 5.(I forget what numbers *heh*) seemed to work better, just off a USB flash drive, but multiple tries installing it to the hard drive borked, so this will be Good Enough (for this lil netbook) for now. *shrugs* It’s sorta like a 10” tablet in landscape mode w/a decent enough keyboard (instead of an onscreen Frustrator *heh*).

Slow as all get-out, though, and the lil thing will only take a max of 2GB (has 1GB installed–completely unusable as the Win7 compy it started life as), but at ~$27 to upgrade to 2GB, that’s a no-brainer.

So, so far I’ve put ~$27 into this lil netbook, what with buying a charger and a new keyboard. Fair enough. Ditto on the other one, but had to get the keyboard from a different (slower) supplier, ‘cos the other is white, and wanted to match it with a white keyboard. The other also has Win7 on it (Ultimate–installed “aftermarket”), so my Wonder Woman says she’ll use it to play Freecell since the version on Win 8.1 is so crappy, and only available via the Metro *cough* Modern tiles. *gag*

Unless we can find folks who don’t need any more than these can do and who also do need a real keyboard, I guess these will just be lil playtoys.

So be it.

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    1. Yeh, and since actual usefulness takes a back seat to just playing around, these lil netbooks fit the bill nicely-especially the tinkering/repairing part of playing with ’em. They don’t fall into the class of playtoy your ‘vette does (especially since it does have a more useful set of features *heh*), but fun anyway. 🙂

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