The Cult of Anthropogenic Climate Warmening is Bullshit

Let’s take just a couple of small problems with the cult’s doctrines, mmmK?

Global temperature measures. How are the NOAA, et al, figures arrived at? From weather stations situated however one of the cultists feels best, apparently. Web search it (not Google, please) to see the ways cultists situate weather stations in heat oases. Truth. Why, I could do the same kind of thing here in America’s Third World County™! For example, both the digital and good ol’ analog thermometers on my front porch regularly yield temps between four and FIFTEEN degrees higher than the local electric company’s weather station a mile away in the bottoms, and on days like today (overcast, moist air, wet ground from recent rains) the windy area at the top of the hill just a quarter of a mile away from the bottoms is even cooler.

Guess where an Anthropogenic Climate Warmening cultist would put a weather station. Good guess.

Then there are the well-documented cases of cultists (falsely claiming all sorts of “scientific” reasons) having falsified data to render decades of lower temps (the data for the early part of the 20th Century for darned near ALL of South America has been corrupted by Anthropogenic Climate Warmening cultists. And they proudly proclaim they’ve done so, giving bullshit reasons–of course).

And, of course, Climategate. Oh, sure, Anthropogenic Climate Warmening cultists have made all kinds of excuses for the truth that Anthropogenic Climate Warmening cultists ADMITTED FALSIFYING DATA to fit their models, but no one with more active brain cells than a dead poodle believes their lies, even those who say they do.

If the Warmenists would just stop lying, I’d start paying more attention to them, but they can’t, because to do so would be to deny their dogmatic assertions of faith in bullshit.

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