Fast Work, eh?

Well, we’re well into our 20th year here at Third World County Central™, and today I finally installed the last shutoff valve on lines serving plumbing fixtures. Yeh, yeh, I know you think I should have done that within at least the first year living here, but no, not me. Finally had to replace the longest-lasting toilet tank valve, so that line in finally got its own wee shutoff valve.

Of course, I had both the valves handy–the one for the tank and the one for the line, because. . . well, I knew the tasks had to be done sooner or later, so why not have the parts (and tools, of course) on hand, hmmm?

The only little wrinkle was that the shutoff valve for the house. . . didn’t, completely. *sigh* I do NOT want to replace that, so. . . I won’t. Besides, we have planned (and semi-scheduled for Spring/Summer this year) to have the whole line in from the water meter replaced and have it tie into the house at a different place, anyway, so a new whole-house shutoff valve will come there, anyway.

Little things.

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