A Slightly Different Kind of Advent/Xmas Thought

This is more of a challenge to the reader, several, actually.

First challenge: relate the following to Xmas/Advent:

While I have known some atheists who score well on IQ tests, Pascal’s Wager aside, atheism is profoundly arrogant, and arrogance is always stupid. (Challenge #2: Wha!?! Discuss amongst yourselves. The voices in my head have been chewing on this one for decades.)

In a similar fashion, I have known some self-proclaimed agnostics who also score well on IQ tests, but whose mental scotoma (consisting of unconscious, unexamined preconceived biases) prevents them seeing the intellectual dishonesty, laziness, and inherent contradictions of their position. (On that last, ask an agnostic how he can know he doesn’t know if God exists. After he wanders off into the woods of epistemology, then you can start to really have fun playing with his brain. Challenge 3: Discuss amongst yourselves, etc. :-))

And yes, I still assert that this is an Advent/Xmas-related post (that’s the easiest challenge *heh*). Here’s a wee hint: every year around Advent, I start really thinking about Easter. Every year around Easter, I ponder Advent/Xmas. Why would I do that?

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  1. Unless the Father draws them their minds and hearts are blinded so they cannot see the truth. It’s nothing to do with intelligence, but the god of this world blinds them.

    The Word of God is plain to see and easy to understand for those who want to – but those who don’t want to see won’t, even if they read it.

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