I’m Far Too Accommodating

I had someone on FarceBook ask for a better pic of me than my profile pic. (I can only wonder why. . . nah, that’s too much work. Don’t care why.) So, before anyone else asks, should there ever be anyone else who wonders what I look like nowadays (again, why?), here ya go (clipped from a Candid Capture). Don’t ask again, Mystery FB-er. *heh* I don’t have any better pics available.


2 Replies to “I’m Far Too Accommodating”

    1. Yeh, anything less “covered” tends to break mirrors and warp boilerplate. *heh*

      (You will note as well that I removed the trademark from the bottom of the cup so as to avert any problems of creating a harmful association with any particular manufacturer. I don’t want Chinese slave masters ticked off at me unnecessarily. ;-))

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