Getting “The Vapors” at Boise State University


“Boise State University’s Young Americans for Liberty chapter invited Dick Heller, whose lawsuit allowed citizens of D.C. to buy and own handguns, to speak on campus.

 “BSU forced YAL to hire three extra guards and two city police officers at the last minute for $465 to patrol the speech.”

District of Columbia v. Heller was a landmark 2nd Amendment case. Heller had been invited by YAL to speak @BSU. Approved by admin, then last-minute admin decided Heller speaking on 2nd Amendment was an “elevated threat” environment. Idaho “higher” ed: filled with Neo-Victorian shrinking violets? Not exactly, in later updates to the story BSU flacks revealed that BSU had assessed “elevated threat” environment evals at other times (75% of those were “conservative” type meetings. Of course). So, not “Neo-Victorian shrinking violets” but “Lefties with their panties in a bunch because of a speech on individual rights.”

Elevated threat level at a speech about Heller/2nd Amendment? Now just who might pose a threat there. . . and to whom? (One might suspect the real threat was to leftist pussies* in the college administration. . . in their own “minds”.)

“Higher” ed has long since been infiltrated, darned near everywhere, by leftists. This looks like just one—of many—more example of lefties with their panties in a bunch.

Dog bites man. Move along. Nothing to see here.



*N.B. “pussies” is used here in an understanding that the word “pussy” used in this context was likely evolved as a reference to “pusillanimous”—cowardly, timid. Of course, my understanding of the etymology may be flawed, but that’s how I’m using it, so there. 🙂


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