Is It Too Much to Ask?

I’m sort of looking, in a casual, desultory fashion, for a lil place in the “piney woods” here in America’s Third World County. Not much, just 30 or so acres or more with a looooong drive into a cleared area with gardening/livestock area and room for a small dwelling and work/livestock buildings.

The looooong drive would be so I could ask the county to give my drive a “street” name and dwelling a 911 address. I’d like the following street name to go along with my “UNwelcome mat”.


UNwelcome mat

2 Replies to “Is It Too Much to Ask?”

    1. I’m serious about wanting to live on a street named either “Goa Way” or even just “Go Away”. It’d work well with “no trespassing” signs made from used silhouette targets. . . *heh*

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