“Compromise” *gag-spew*

Borrowing (OK, stealing) from Sluggy Freelance to translate King Putz the Petulant’s stance on compromise with any view not his own,

“Look, [if] you beat me fair and square, I’ll totally give you bragging rights. Now, just jump on my sword and see things from my perspective. It’s called ‘compromise’.”

Of course, the typical Repugnican’t manner of compromise with Dhimmicraps is to bend over and pitifully plead, “Please, may I have another?”

2 Replies to ““Compromise” *gag-spew*”

    1. And torches. Lots and lots of torches, dripping flaming pitch. . . 😉 (Oh, and pitchforks. To be used to put out fires that start on *gagamaggot* politicians covered with tar and feathers. That IS what pitchforks are for in those situations, you know. :-))

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