*sigh* I Just Hate This [Stuff]

Oh, Shiite.

Just had a call from someone whose computer I cleaned a month ago. They have re-infected themselves. Key question: “Are you still using Internet Exploder instead of the browser I installed and configured for you?”


I wanted to say, “Here’s your sign.”


Why do folks ask me for help and then ignore my counsel and expect things to turn out differently next time? This will be the THIRD time for this guy to have infected himself with THE SAME THING via the SAME VECTOR using the SAME BROWSER while ignoring the practices and tools I installed and counseled him on to prevent such a thing.

Why do they do these things? Self-induced stupidity and “helplessness” I suppose. (I use here a definition of stupidity articulating a stubborn refusal to learn or change one’s self-destructive behaviors. . . when learning is clearly within the individual’s capabilities.)

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  1. Husband has refused to work on his father’s computer any more for the same reasons. He tells him how to avoid getting viruses and what will make things run better and his dad just simply refuses. Basically tells Husband to find a way to help him that doesn’t require him to do anything differently, use any new or updated programs or change his habits in any way. If he doesn’t, he’s a bad son – that’s the implication anyway. So since guilt trips don’t work on Husband, my father-in-law has lost his free tech support. 🙂

    People are lazy and hate change.

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