About Those Rounded Corners, Rubber Bumpers, Bubble Habitats and All That Jazz

In the attempt to create a society where every idiot–natural born but especially self-made–can not only survive but thrive (for values of “thrive” that include whatever low level of mental activities such folks may attain), I fear “progressives” have worked to create the ultimate regressive society, reversing evolution to create a society where the lowest common denominator, the least fit to survive is the new norm.

Evidence? I give you one example: Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro. The guy’s obviously bright enough to be able to tie his own shoelaces without adult supervision, but, being the self-made idiot that he is, doesn’t act like it. He’s crafty enough to be able to effect his “change for America” (subversion of everything the Organic Law of the US embodies to serve a commie end), but because he was raised in a cocoon that he’s never ventured outside of, he’s too stupid to even be able to know what he’s really doing.

Morally corrupt, from beginning to end; mentally deficient, no matter how crafty some of his actions appear (especially when aided by his cocooning elements, primarily the Hivemind1 he serves and which serves him in return); stumbling about the world stage when reality kicks his ass: these are all the actions of a self-made enstupiate who has been sheltered from the consequences of his auto-enstupiation from birth.

This madness must stop. Reality demands consequences, and shielding self-made idiots from the consequences of their behavior is resulting in the destruction of our society. . . and with an overwhelming number of self-made enstupiates who would be able to rebuild on its ashes?

1I use “Hivemind” here as shorthand for that Conspiracy of Dunces comprised of folks who all echo the same lying memes and talking points–often word for word–in pursuit of identical goals within the so-called “progressive-liberal” world of “reality-based fantasies”: The Mass Media Podpeople Hivemind, Academia Nut Fruitcake Bakeries, and all the NGOs and even looser affiliations of fellow travelers, cronies, co-conspirators and other evil-doers who spout Hivemind lies.

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