Early Crop

I have already been able to start harvesting an early crop of. . . dandelions. I’ve not yet harvested much of the crop, as I wanted to let ’em go to seed and spread the wealth a bit first. (Second crop should yield some nice, tasty flowers.) So far, I only have a goodly mess of greens and enough dandelion root to make a couple of pots of dandelion infusion, after a roast and grind. The greens are washed, ready to pat dry and freeze in a vacuum pack. The roots are cleaned and ready to roast this evening.

Looking forward to some good eats. A few plants harvested daily should keep me in dandelion “tea” and greens for a while, and as those I expect to sprout from seed come on, I ought to be able to make it through the rest of Spring and at least some of Summer with a bounteous dandelion feast. . . if my Good Neighbor doesn’t take it into his head to mow my lawn as he’s out playing with his riding mower (he’s done that once this Spring–oh well *heh*)

Backstory on “Good Neighbor” mowing my lawn: a few weeks ago, I was clearing things out from under my upper deck and a neighbor’s kids were heading back in from a lil varmint hunting expedition across the creek (just out of city limits on their grandpa’s property). I asked ’em if they wanted a nice fiberglass basketball backboard and hoop I had taken down some years ago after a drunk had driven off the road, down the hill and clipped the metal pole it was mounted on.

They already had a backboard of their own, but the oldest–about 9–came back later and asked for it for one of the other neighborhood kids, a 10-year-old girl he likes to hang out with. Happy to get rid of it. He and his younger brother toted it off with a very impressed 10-year-old blondie tagging along.

Guess whose dad lets him mow with the Deere? 😉

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