How Are Your Passwords Holding Up?

The problem with most folks and passwords is that not only do their chosen passwords suck dead bunnies through a straw and that folks typically overuse the same password and even keep their password(s) written down on post-it notes and suchlike, but most folks also NEVER CHANGE THEIR PASSWORDS!

*sigh* Rookie mistake. 😉

I try to rotate/change passwords on an irregular basis. I’ll just feel like changing all, most or some of ’em and do it. Here’s the result of running one of my email passwords (only 32 characters, but still not all that bad) through Steve Gibson’s “haystack” password checker:


[Just click on the image to pop it up.]

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  1. Great page. Thanks. Only some of your image shows up on my screen unless I right-click and opt for view image. Guess I am on the wrong resolution for your site. (1024×768)

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