Oh, Freakin’ Heavens *sigh*

And to think I actually used to subscribe to the e-rag this column title appeared in:

The malware wars: How you can fight it

“It” above refers to what? “Wars”. Hello! “It” is singular; “wars” is plural.

OK, so the article does actually contain a few useful tips. . . for folks who’ve not been paying any attention for the past 10 years or so, like,

Tip: You can preview shortened URLs to see their true destination. For example, with bitly addresses, simply paste them into your browser, add a + after the URL (for example, //bitly.com/13LRaF4+ [Solera Networks page]), and press Enter. Adding the plus sign takes you to the bitly site first, where you’ll see a stats page for the destination site.

For tinyurl addresses, add “preview” before the address. For example, enter //preview.tinyurl.com/{xxxxx}, and the uncloaked address will appear at the tinyurl site.

For snipurl addresses, add “peek” before the shortened address. For example, //peek.snipurl.com/26kl5qy takes you to the Snipurl site and displays the full URL:


Of course one should always preview shortened URLs for safety’s sake. What? Doesn’t everyone know that already?

But, *meh* even though the article’s semi-useful, someone should have corrected the headline’s egregious grammar error.

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