Not-a-recipe #Something-r-other

Yeh, I’ve done a bunch of these “not-quite-a-recipe” posts and am too lazy to either keep track or take count. So? 😉

Some time ago, I lucked onto a whole display rack of these things, running about 60% of WallyWorld pricing:


The display rack’s hanging from some wire shelving in our pantry, only a little over 1/2 full, now. Lotsa uses for that stuff, like

6 eggs, lightly beaten
a dab of milk/cream (with the eggs)
whatever meat that’s cooked up, cubed, shredded, chopped, whatever. Tonight I used some smoked “hot” sausage.
1/2 onion
some sort of veggie you think will go well
a couple of handfuls of some sort of shredded cheese.
a box of these hash browns, rehydrated either according to the package directions or just with water to the top of the package and nuked for a couple of minutes.
some salt and pepper

Sautée the chopped onion in oil. Cook your meat in the same pan (after removing the onion) if you haven’t already. Remove the meat.

Spread the rehydrated hash browns in the still-oiled pan (nice onion oil, now :-)).

Add the veggies, meat, onions and then the cheese. Pour the milk/cream/egg mixture over the cheese. Cover, lower the heat a bit (your stove’s different from mine. EVERYONE’S stove is different from mine. MY OWN STOVE is different from itself. Psycho stove. . . ) and let it cook away until it’s done. How long? What? You thought this was a recipe? Until it’s done to your taste.

Oh, the salt and pepper? That’s for seasoning to taste on your plate. I sometimes like some salsa or “piperade” sauce (no, I don’t know how it’s spelled. I just ape a sauce I used to have with Sunday brunch now and then at The Prospect in KCMO nearly 40 years ago, and I probably don’t even remember it right anyway. It’s a tomato sauce with peppers and onion in it).

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