The Age of Being Stupid

One of the stupidest commercials ever.

You may have seen it. VIagra commercial. Guy’s driving a pickup and towing a horse trailer down a country dirt road. Now, as anyone (with more than two working synapses in their cerebral cortex) who’s lived in areas with those kinds of roads knows, one only drives into mud as wide as the guy got stuck in if there is absolutely nowhere else to go. Why? I proffer the dumba$$ who stupidly stuck himself in that mud. Anyone with more active brain cells than the average head of cabbage who’s ever driven such a road knows to drive the high spots in such conditions, and the guy had options before he stuck himself to at least get a drive wheel on some better ground.

Moreover, he had driven in to load the horses at least once, so he had no excuse for not planning ahead to not get stuck. Unless, of course, his excuse is too many dead brain cells.

So, he knew enough to offload a couple of horses and rig a tow. Big whoopee. If he hadn’t been a nearly brain dead idiot, he’d not have gotten stuck to begin with.

And Viagra themes this commercial, “the age of knowing how to make things happen”. *feh* *Nu-uh* Looks more like they were making an ad for some sort of Alzheimer’s meds or an assisted living facility to me.

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  1. Why avoid a problem when you can solve one? I think that’s the message of the commercial.

    “E.D.” has many causes. Why spread information about how to mitigate those factors when you can sell a little blue pill for lots of bucks as long as you also promote the notion that sex is all that matters in a relationship?

    That’s how the marketing wonks think. And that’s why they praise this type of problem solving. After all, without problems to solve you can’t sell solutions.

    1. “Why avoid a problem when you can solve one?”

      Missed a step. “Why easily avoid a problem when you can create or cause a problem you know how to ‘solve’ (for values of ‘solve’ that have very low thresholds)?”

      As for causes and solutions for E.D., have you ever, by any chance, read the adverse reactions, etc., to Viagra? Not appealing.

      BTW, one reason this ad really chaps my buns is that I have spent some years navigating the back roads of America’s Third World County in cars many lifelong denizens of the county have said “Cain’t go there.” Can too, with careful, thoughtful driving. I’ve been told I will get stuck w/o a 4WD vehicle on this or that road any number of times. Hasn’t happened. Most folks who live around here, though, KNOW how to navigate back country roads in just about anything with wheels. “Road” that doubles as a creek bed or mud wash? Can do. I just hate portrayals of “can do” people as stupid people who create their own problems instead of overcoming obstacles they did NOT create almost ex nihilo.

  2. Which has more brain cells to rub together? A politician? A marketing wonk? A Zabriskan Fontema?

    More importantly, why did I just insult an alien life form by comparing it with the other two?

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