I’d Be All for Gun Control IF. . .

I’d be all for gun control that means removing guns from the hands of politicians *gag-spew* and bureaucraps. . . and maybe even most law enFARCEment ossifers. Of course, it’d be good to have a codified way to distinguish between law enFARCEment ossifers and law enforcement officers who really do seek to PROTECT and SERVE and enforce laws EQUALLY with no differences between persons. . . including rigidly enforcing laws by regularly, consistently and vigorously arresting law enFARCEment ossifers, politicians *gag-spew* and bureaucraps who do not.

Moreover, We the People need to begin INSISTING that ALL laws apply EQUALLY to ALL persons, and that NO classes of persons be exempt from ANY laws, whether on a de facto or de jure basis. Yes, I understand a couple of exceptions, but the only legitimate ones I’m aware of are abused horribly. For example, I understand the Constitutional requirement (federal and most State constitutions I’ve read, as well) to not impede the travels of legislators to a meeting of the legislature, but giving ’em carte blanche to drive any way they want, creating unsafe conditions for others around them, etc., was never the intent of those provisions, and any laws broken in such cases should be enforced. . . and can be, without keeping them from attending to their legislative duties. Just keep racking up the fines to the stratosphere and MAKE SURE THEY PAY THEM THEMSELVES. And let the jackasses learn to plan their travel time in ways that assure they can obey the laws everyone else is subject to.

Remove ALL privileges for government employees, unless equal privileges are available to EVERYONE. Period. Special privileges, special treatment, separate laws: these are all THE point of the Constitution’s prohibition on “titles of nobility” setting some apart and above others in privilege under the law.

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