Zero Interest

So, I decided to give the first epi of “Zero Hour” a shot. Big mistake.

Let me digress. Gentle readers, you know my opinion of Dan Brown’s “works”. I’d generally rather read something written by a rabid baboon than subject myself to one of his pieces of feces. “Zero Hour” was conceived and written by a less talented aspirant to Dan Brown’s mantle who’d been lobotomized and suffered a stroke, then was gotten drunk and slapped upside the head and given a crayon to scribble with.

But I praise it too highly.

Gagamaggot. It made me want to scoop my eyes out with a spoon.

2 Replies to “Zero Interest”

  1. Jeepers, even an ignorant idiot from a non-descript Nation .. might agree with your opinion about Dan Brown. Dunno about “Zero Hour”. While yes, we might be somewhat ‘backward’ in specific ‘opinions’; will remind you that “The Americas” live in our yesterday.

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