Apart From Innumeracy and Grammar Failures, Moderately Interesting. . .

What? Oh, this article about the feds making those who unlock their dumb phones criminals. Sure, the info is pretty much useless to Olde Phartes like me who just use a cell phone to make calls (don’t try calling my cell phone, cos I won’t answer), but it’s interesting nonetheless.

Still, how many times can one read something like,

“There’s more than a few ways around this. . . “

. . . without gagging and searching for a way to dopeslap, then tar, feather and hang the author from the highest tree?

There ARE. . . ways, idiot. Count it out. Plural. Got it? (No. He can’t count and can’t parse a simple sentence in English. Typical Hiveminder.)

*heh* You didn’t even get to catch my typos ‘cos I did.

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