A Reasonable Analogy


Both the so-called “War on Drugs” and our borders themselves are frauds of monstrous size, each in its own ways. Neither the “feddle gummint” policies on drugs nor its almost complete lack of border enforcement make any sense. . . except when viewed as anarcho-tyranny encouragement of real criminals and criminalizing the personal liberties of citizens.

    1. The fedgov needed a constitutional amendment in order to be able to pass the Volstead Act which prohibited the manufacture, import, distribution or sale of ONE drug, alcohol. The Eighteenth Amendment has since been repealed and the Volstead Act is null and void. Where then does the fedgov get any LEGITIMATE authority for its so-called “War on Drugs”?

    2. The fedgov’s de facto “cheesecloth” border policy (effective policy: open borders) is even more nonsensical, because the effective policy is both contrary to black letter law on the books and defines a country that has already been conquered by anyone who wishes to do so. No borders=no nation.

These two areas pretty well describe the idiocy that is now our national government. It’s completely without legitimate authority in almost all areas in which it exerts power and in areas where it does have legitimate authority it’s either unconcerned with effective enforcement or incompetent.

What we need at this point is for all civilian bureaucraps, all fedgov politicians and the normal inhabitants of the Pentagon, etc., to hold a plenary session in some huge venue–I’d even go with “built for the occasion”–in DC and for God to send a massive flood to wipe ’em all out. The nation could then hold a memorial service honoring the one or two honest and decent politicians or bureaucrats caught up in the flood and a new Independence Day celebrating our freedom from the illegitimate harassment by unconstitutional exercises of power and incompetent (or willful disregard for) enforcement of legitimate areas of authority.

Well, I’d be willing to settle for enough blackmail on enough congresscritters to get another amendment submitted to the states to remove Eighth Amendment protections against “cruel and unusual punishments” for fedgov politicians and bureaucraps (and enough blackmail on enough State legislators to get it so we could then get it ratified) and a follow up law allowing tarring and feathering (hot tar and feathers, at night, flaming torches encouraged *heh*) of fedgov politicians and bureaucraps who abuse their powers to harass citizens.

I’d bring the popcorn to every “torch party” I could attend.

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    1. *heh* I sometimes greet complete strangers with, “It’s not my fault; I wasn’t there when it happened; I have witnesses.”

      This is especially amusing when the complete stranger is in “law enfarcement”. . .

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