It Makes Perfect Sense in the Bizarro Universe

So, package coming via “Fedex Smartpost” (hereafter known as Fedex Dumbpost) started 89 miles away from its destination (me), and seven hours later it’s 370 miles away from its destination. Now, Fedex has a “hub” that’s just 50 miles from the origination location, less than 40 miles from me. Yep. That makes sense. Instead of the package going to the nearest hub close to both the origination and the destination, it traveled 460 miles.

The really “smart” thing about the delivery routing is that, just like the last package from the same location, it’ll go to the hub that’s less than 40 miles from its destination, sometime early next week, then it’ll be delivered to the post office here, where it will be delayed at least another day in getting to me.

The folks in Bizarro world are all thinking, “Now, why didn’t we come up with that?”

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  1. I’ve often wondered about that sort of thing myself. But then I remember that efficient routing is a hard mathematical problem.

    Or something like that.

    1. Yeh, Perri, driving on down the road (where lotsa their drivers go every day anyway–some of them even perhaps home from work), is tough. *heh* In fact, the town that’s 50 miles away from the original shipping point (and almost 40 miles from me), where a relatively large distribution center is, is the largest city in the so-called “four states area” for many miles around, and is the shopping and commerce hub for smaller towns like the origination point, drawing folks from all over–including the smaller town the product was shipped from.

      *shrugs* Bizarro world.

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