My Favorite Kind of Christmas Music

Choral. In rehearsal. The clip below is from a music clinic conducted by Jester Hairston in 1981 in Odense, Denmark. The song the mass choir is rehearsing is Hairston’s “Mary’s Boy Child”–a song much butchered by soloists and choirs. It’s just s short section of the rehearsal, and I did cut out much of his oral directing, although some is left in. (No, sadly I never attended a clinic/rehearsal directed by Hairston, although I have enjoyed his music a lot over the years. It’s always a real treat to attend a rehearsal conducted by the composer of a piece, though, and just eavesdropping a bit is enjoyable for me.)

[audio:Jester-Hairston-in-Odense-Marys Boy Child–edited.mp3]

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