Well, It Could Be…

Every now and then, our fairly high dollar Bosch dishwasher (which we really, really like, otherwise) will just lose its mind. Turn on. Seems to cycle and… about 90 seconds later beeps to tell us the wash cycle is finished, when it never really began. None of the troubleshooting instructions from Bosch affect it at all, but if I throw the breaker for the circuit the dishwasher is on, wait about a minute and turn the circuit back on–effectively performing a hard reset of its tiny lil brain–the thing works like a champ.

Must be an embedded Windows OS. *heh*

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    1. We looked at something similar, but since I was buying this as a part of a long-promised all around appliance upgrade* (and had finally saved up the cash for exactly what she wanted), we purchased “up ticket” to get what my Wonder Woman had her eye on. *shrugs* Putting back a bit at a time, we were actually able to buy more in terms of features on the kitchen and laundry appliance upgrades than I had initially thought we would.

      It also meant it took a wee bit more time to set back the entire purchase price.

      Same thing with the roof I put on this summer, and the new colors for the siding, etc., on the house. She has good taste, so I’m pleased to modify the house to suit her.

      But back to the dishwasher: it does a substantially better job than our old one did when it was brand new. Lotsa buttons and features we make little (though some limited) use of. Yeh, we mostly use the “quick wash” and the “Regular” setting, but for its first year of use, I never used anything but the “Automatic” setting when I started a load.

      Aside from this one small issue–which may be caused by our electricity service “sagging” and causing the lil computer to lose its mind–we’ve been very happy with the Bosch DW. I particularly like the ease of cleaning the machine itself and the stainless steel tub, among a few other features.

      *Oops. Not completely “all around” as we have not yet settled on what we want to do in replacing the stove. For some exceedingly strange reason, natural gas was plumbed to the furnace closet (where the house’s water heater also is housed) and the laundry room but not to the kitchen. We’re drawn to natural gas cooking, but the plumbing for gas might be an issue, given where the gas service enters the house and where the kitchen is, so we’ve deferred that purchase. ‘S’all right, though, since the electric range we have works, just not as well as a gas range would.

      More: One thing I do like about the Bosch DW is that it’s very quiet. If my tinnitus is in one of its loud phases, I have to use a stethoscope to assure myself it’s actually running! 🙂

  1. Interesting. Lucy and I are putting in a kitchen from scratch and have decided against putting in a dishwasher at all. We have one now and we actually prefer hand washing the dishes and putting them away after they air dry. Hope you find the ghost in your fancy Bosch.

    1. We did all our dishes by hand for years. We came to enjoy the convenience of a dishwasher only 17 years ago, when we purchased this house (completely paid off before we even considered upgrading any appliances–the ones that came with the purchase and the ones we brought with us), our first with a dishwasher (the first home we bought, for example, was an early 20th Century–about 1908–bungalow that really didn’t have a place for a dishwasher, absent a major renovation, and I was already involved in replacing plumbing, electrical, roof, etc., so that wasn’t happenin’ ;-)). *shrugs* Doing dishes by hand is something we still do from time to time, just… well, just ‘cos, I suppose, but again, we like the ease and convenience. I do still wash pots n pans by hand… and then put them in the DW. *heh* (Sidebar: We gave Lovely Daughter a set of cookware exactly like I use daily as one of her wedding presents. My pans–quite a bit older and more used–are a shining contrast to hers, though she keeps a sparkling clean kitchen. My secret: 1. cooking at lower heats (for the most part) and 2. Barkeeper’s Friend, a sterling cleaning product that does still require some elbow grease.) Besides, it’s pretty. *LOL* (I guess aesthetics count for something, and my Wonder Woman did want to transition the kitchen to stainless steel appliances, so… we also have the HUGE, MONSTER 2-door/freezer drawer stainless steel behemoth fridge. *heh*)

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